Saturday, April 22, 2006

Eureka - Back On Track 3

I'm such a novice, this is taking forever. And now, after having all that trouble, for some reason all of my previous posts have small green font. How did that happen?

Anyway the final 5...

Kande Kitchenware's famous
spring-form 3 way cake tin

30 cents

very sweet child's wheel barrow

2 tall plant stands $4 each

and yes, that's a concrete garden ornament

and 2 beautiful cymbidiums
one of which has 8 flower spikes
$10 each

Eureka - Back On Track 2

Bloody Blog! It takes forever to upload photos and then when I tried to publish the bloody thing I was told something was wrong with my html tag - And God only knows what that is, let alone how you fix it. So trying again with 5 more

Cute old ladder for $5 which I've already used
to change the lightbulb in the dunny

2 old suitcases which I'll use for storage.
top to bottom $3 and $5

Lovely little table for $15 (down from 20)
very sturdy a good size

gotta love an enamel billy for 20 cents!

This bowl is actually a beautiful 50's pink with yellow glaze inside
and it's big enough for a salad.

Eureka - Back On Track 1

What a great day of garage saleing! I only went to 2 - one in Northcote and one in Thornbury - but managed to spend $65 and got all of these great bargains!!!

However... Can I only publish 5 photos at a time? I've uploaded 15 of them but only 5 seem to have appeared. Maybe I have to do it as another post.

So, here's the first five...

the key is there to show size. these guys are soooo cute.
The little one is gazing lovingly at the big one
and the big one is gazing wistfully at the sky as if asking
how the f__ she ever thought motherhood was a good idea.
30 cents.

nice long wooden bowl/table centrepiece type thing

really nice bag which contained the following...

and yes, that's a bone crochet hook!!
And all that for $1

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Lamenting the existence of eBay

... for it is the only reason I can think of that that superbarn called Savers in Geebum could have nothing that I wished to purchase. And the Brotherhood shop underneath had only 3 books worthy of a second glance, one of which was $5! Five Dollars for a book from an op-shop. No Way!

yours in despondency, Anna

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

merry merri


Yes, Merri Creek Primary School Fete. Not as good as last year, even though I was there quite early. There was no furniture and the bric-a-brac stall consisted of one trestle. That's right, just ONE trestle. But look, what's over there.... 5 tressels of kiddie stuff!! I'm over the kiddie stuff concentration. What's going on out there in fete donation land. I wonder if nursing homes have fetes?

I got the fish because I liked the scaley surface on the plastic. It will become jewellery.

And I found one addition for the professional library.

published 1978

cheerio, Anna

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Building the Professional Library

I managed to fit in an op-shop visit while I was working at gee-bum on Tuesday. It's a cute op-shop in a falling down old weatherboard at the back of the local institution for the intellectual disabled. But.... I only managed to pick up a few books. Some of them are pretty good though. Take, for instance,...

All your great classics are in here, including "Slip Ascot", "Mock Blouse", "Scarf-tistic Hats" and a whole chapter on Napkin Folding.

A few other essentials for the bookshelf ....

a collector's item!!

And last but by no means least...

which features some stunning interior decorating ideas such as....

a plastic fireplace!!

And I had to include this picture. Is that Ian Moss?

Happy sailing until next time.


Sunday, April 02, 2006

Pram Gridlock

clifton hill pram gridlock

Well, a far from productive weekend even though it involved a trip down to the Mornington Peninsula. Once again, no balloons - what's going on you people? The best I could do was attend the toy library fete in Clifton Hill on Sunday, and here are the results....

Now, I have to speak from inexperience here (being the child-free garage sailor that I am) but this doesn't seem like the kind of thing one would buy second hand....

Needless to say I didn't fork over the $10. Nor did I fork it over for this....

Quite a cute doll, but not cute enough.

And finally, my one purchase of the day. I think I did quite well to find this gem amidst the pro-creation paraphernalia

And so, I have my Sunday evening entertainment worked out!

Until next time.