Sunday, August 20, 2006

just a quick one

Stopped in for a quickie in Fitzroy yesterday and look what I found...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I thought youse might be interested in my pineapple wall. The result of an ebay addiction.

I haven't done much garage sailing lately, I went to one which was a whole street in Northcote and it was a complete dud!! These people actually thought that buyers would be interested in a ripped piece of fly screen. And they wanted $2 per video!! $2 - that's how much they are to buy from my local video ezy. Gotta love the video ezy on the corner of Albert and Lygon in Funswick - the guy there has set up a section called 'oz-ploitation'

Now, I know that buys on ebay don't count as garage sale purchases but I just had to share this one...

Yes, they are Australian animals each made from a single tin can. They're almost too kitsch... almost, but not quite. The crayfish is the best.

cheers, anna