Thursday, July 19, 2007

Of Commons and Commoners

Well... to be truthful, the Wimbledon community fair wasn't at Wimbledon Common, but there was a womble.

Wimbledon community fair.JPG

And I found a few treasures...

old racing game pieces.JPG

While in England, I also visited the Chiswick community fair...

Chiswick community fair.JPG

and picked up this little number...

aussie map tablecloth.JPG

sorry, the colour's all wrong, but that's what happens when you get home and it's grey and wintery and the only available light is shining on a dark red rug. It matches one I prepared earlier...

aussie map.JPG

from an Australian garage sale from years ago.

And here's to the upcoming spring cleaning and the resultant garage sales.

The Church of Santo Spirito...

... is one of my favourite places to visit in Florence.

The church of Santo Spirito in Florence

I love that the facade is so bare. I remember seeing postcards of images projected onto the facade at night as part of some art event in the 80's. Maybe they still do it? I wouldn't know because the church never seemed to be open. I went there about 3 times hoping to get inside and each time the doors were locked. On my last day in Florence I tried again (a Sunday when you think it would be open) to no avail but lo and behold there was an antique market in the piazza.

antique market at santo spirito.JPG

Now, this definitely wasn't going to fit into my luggage...

outdoor table setting.JPG

but a few of these would!

plastic jewellery

lovely painted metal brooches. I bought 3 of them and I'm still waiting for that parcel to arrive by sea.

There were lots of stalls of plastic American jewellery from the 80's

more plastic jewellery

and all of it was quite expensive. Still, it was nice wandering around the market in the warmth of a summer evening and enjoying a post browse Peroni at a bar overlooking the piazza