Sunday, November 26, 2006

Bell Primary fete and Golden Mary fete

As it's close to Christmas, most of my purchases this weekend were gifts, so unfortunately I can't show them here. My one purchase for myself was this gorgeous enamelled teapot. The lid is attached to the handle with a chain

it's from Yugoslavia - $2

However, I did have an extra addition to my house...

...with the introduction of my new housemate! She bought this in Newcastle a few years ago for $2. As you can imagine, I have lots of stuff. Enough stuff, in fact, to fill a 3 bedroom house. This means that there isn't much room, for others who live with me, to add stuff to the shared areas of the house. Control freak, Me? No!

I might take a break from Garage Sailing/Fete-ing for a while as it's been a bit full-on these last couple of weeks. I'm feeling a bit guilty about the amount of consumerism I'm partaking in. But, we'll see. I may not be able to hold myself back!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Princess Hill Primary fete

I went early and this time wore a hat which was sensible. It was quite a bit more expensive than others I've been to recently but I guess that illustrates the difference in demographic between Greensborough and North Carlton!

I got two huge pot plants for $15 each which is not a bargain by garage sale standards but still cheaper than the nursery.

red-flowering pig-face

purple flowering something-or-other

magazine stand $2

and a domestic assortment: hanging tea light holders - 50c each, flute-edged blue glazed bowls - $1 each, tumblers with repro/retro design - 50c each, and a rather ugly coffee mug - 50c - but it's big so will hold my large morning coffee from my caffeine supplier near the studio and I can do away with paper cups.

for my fella and his new adventure for next year.

I also got some Christmas presents so I can't really post them here as that will give them away.

I haven't been to many garage sales of late but that's because there are just so many fetes on at this time of year. If you're in the area and of the mind there are 2 on next weekend. Bell Primary in Preston is having an election day fete and on sunday the Golden Mary church in Nicholson st brunswick east is having a bazaar.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

garage sailor goes sailing

The Wrecker's put the call out for a nautical themed week so I've had to pull this one off the shelf and give it a dust. I got it on ebay a year or so ago and it sits in my bathroom doing nothing - not even holding something. This week that will change.

I think it's an old soap dish from a Norwegian shipping line.

More nauticals on Davernator

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Greensborough car boot sale (postscript)

Post car boot sale de-brief with watermelon and connect 4 in West Preston

bite-your-bum-off enjoys his new game of connect 4

over taxed by the concept of cutting watermelon without a chopping board.

the most beautiful girl in the world being dribbled on by her mother.

Sing-It-Again and her new bunny.

Greensborough car boot sale (part 2)

More spoils (see previous post) ...

tin tray to make into jewellery

some books for my bro-in-law

"The Happy Mixer" is pretty special. It borders on hard-core. Here's a tame example.

How about cocktails for breakfast?

a book about my 'hood
I also scored a great pressie for my fella but as he reads this and he's getting it for Christmas I'm not gonna show it here.

Greensborough car boot sale (part 1)

It was hot. There were flies. There were bargains to be had. I should have worn a hat.

It was at St Thomas's primary school on Diamond Valley Rd.

SGG and I visited a few Garage sales on the way to whet our appetite for the bargaining feast. I had to give SGG a few tips on the old haggle after one purchase went from $2 to $5 after she disputed the price as being too low!!!

SGG trying to push the price up.

To the spoils....

tupperware strainer. I don't really need this but I liked the colour,
I might post it to Liana.

5 pink lidded tupperware containers - I can definitely use these!

an australian themed sewn paper sewing basket and 2 tins for jewellery

Saturday, November 04, 2006

p.s. barbra's all good now


climate change

Due to a march in the city protesting on the governments stance on climate change, I didn't get to any garage sales. It was a beautiful spring day and there was some other event involving horses, suits, feathers and public drunkeness on, but it seemed to draw quite a crowd in Swanston St today.

I went with SGG on her own which was fun.

that's me on the right

lots of crafting gets done in this building.

I know that by engaging in garage sailing and making jewellery I am using finite resources, but I try and justify it by looking at it as recycling.

cheers, anna