Sunday, October 29, 2006

Miss B

I only went to one garage sale this weekend and it was late on Sunday morning so I only made one purchase...


The reason I only went to one was because I had a busy weekend and I was quite worried about Barbra.

She hadn't been eating at all for a few days and then on thursday I found a few vomits and she tried to eat but ended up gagging. A visit to the vet (and $200 worth of blood tests) found nothing conclusive but he did mention the C-word. Very upsetting so I went to the fish shop (her favourite) and bought her a $10 fillet of Ling and chopped it up finely and she seems to be gradually recovering. Fingers crossed.

After rolling and posing for a bit she got fed up with the camera and sulked in a corner.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Albert Park

A bit outside my comfort zone but I was in Albert Park for the farmer's market and look what I scored.

Greenhills primary school fete (part 2)

Here's a few more things (see post below)

little brown jug 50c

Irish Tea Cake $4.50 (it's got port in it!)

And here's a picture from the side of the road in Preston:

And a clock I got from ebay. I know, I know, it's not a garage sale find but how precious is it?!!

yes, them's aussie coins. It seems to have been made post
of $1 coin but pre introduction of $2 coin.

And yes, the map of tassie is hanging from the mainland by a chain

Greenhills primary school fete (part 1)

I headed out to Greensborough early this (beautiful) Sunday morning with the fella, smelly greek girl and friend for the Greenhills primary school fete. SMG and I had gone to the one last year and snapped up some amazing bargains but this year wasn't as good. People kept arriving with stuff for the trash and treasure stall all morning so there were new things going out every 10 mins. Maybe better things arrived after we left but we didn't get as much booty as last year.

Here are the spoils...

for my fella's little girl who loves rocks.

floor puzzles for when the kids come around

to be made into something else

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I forgot to include this from coburg market

I have never seen this magazine before but this issue was published in 1972. It's from Florida and is mainly made up of reviews and ads for gay nightclubs.

This is a 'special issue' containing images from, and the results of the Mr David Contest and the Miss David Pageant.

Choice! It's a present for the prison guy.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Loving Coburg Market (part 2)

I've started a new blog about my real job (when I'm not garage sailing). There aren't any posts yet but keep an eye on it, I'm just a bit slow at the uploading images malarky

Here are the other purchases from Sunday's visit to the Coburg Market. I went with my fella and it was really cold but there were some good things to be found. And we ran into Smelly Greek Girl and her family.

how cute! good for when the kiddly-winks come visiting $3

my fella bought me this one for a fiver

old wooden stool $5 and old wooden box $1

until next time.

Loving Coburg Market (part 1)

Got some tins. Gonna be made into jewellery or something.
That lot cost me $5.50


Saturday, October 07, 2006

Gotta love a Spring Saturday Morning in Melbourne (part 4)

Got this for my fella and it's just too appropriate for words (the reasons why will be revealed in February 2007)

It must be somebody's art (craft) work as the wingnut unscrews and the little door opens to reveal...

And check it out!! A sheepskin...

And a Cow Hide (I don't know why it's not a Cowskin, or the Sheepskin a Sheep Hide, but it just isn't)

And that's it. It's a beautiful day. I'm going to the Newlyweds for a BBQ dinner and tomorrow it's off to the ABC Gardening Australia Expo at Caulfield Racecourse with The NewZilander and My Beautiful Goddaughter - ahh bliss.

Gotta love a Spring Saturday Morning in Melbourne (part 3)

I don't know if these would still work but they are priceless and I got 'em thrown in with a group of books at 20c each!!

New Idea iron on transfers

They reminded me of a purchase I made years ago at the oppy in Daylesford

Which came with a transfer - still unused.

I don't think I have the appropriate chest to wear a tight t-shirt (cos it's gotta be tight) with a 'Number 96' transfer on it, so it will probably remain unused. Given my heritage, I do love the odd item of Australian Television-alia

And, some more books.

Gotta love a Spring Saturday Morning in Melbourne (part 2)

Books. Some for me, some gifts.
I did get a few things that I've already given away to the knitter so didn't get a chance to photograph them: A Scandinavian cookbook, a knitting book and a little black baby doll

Gotta love a Spring Saturday Morning in Melbourne

I do! The Greens were having a fund raising garage sale in Northcote which I went to with my favourite fellow garage sailors, Smelly Greek Girl and her 3 offspring Bite Your Bum Off, Sing It Again and The Most Beautiful Girl In The World.

It was ok and I got a few things but then on the way home we passed Garage Sale Heaven. It was so good I had to go to the bank to top up!!

Here are some of the spoils. I'll have to do it over a few posts as I don't know how to get more than one photo into a single post.

5 issues of Walkabout magazine from 1968-9 - $1

a fabulous Australiana tin tray - 50c

2 pot plant stands - you may recognise the concrete basket of roses in the background from an expedition earlier this year - $5 each (from The Greens, it's hard to bargain at a fundraiser)

shadow box -$2

who could resist this - $1

Last Week's Treasures

These are from a second hand shop on High St in Preston. Not strictly garage sale finds as they're from a dealer but I had to share them with you anyway.

Tin Coasters

and on the reverse...

if you can't read it, they're the recipes for the cocktails pictured on the front.

And something to add to my expanding Australiana collection

little bakelite tray

And, this one's from ebay so it shouldn't really count at all but it's just so special.

liz and phil