Saturday, October 07, 2006

Gotta love a Spring Saturday Morning in Melbourne

I do! The Greens were having a fund raising garage sale in Northcote which I went to with my favourite fellow garage sailors, Smelly Greek Girl and her 3 offspring Bite Your Bum Off, Sing It Again and The Most Beautiful Girl In The World.

It was ok and I got a few things but then on the way home we passed Garage Sale Heaven. It was so good I had to go to the bank to top up!!

Here are some of the spoils. I'll have to do it over a few posts as I don't know how to get more than one photo into a single post.

5 issues of Walkabout magazine from 1968-9 - $1

a fabulous Australiana tin tray - 50c

2 pot plant stands - you may recognise the concrete basket of roses in the background from an expedition earlier this year - $5 each (from The Greens, it's hard to bargain at a fundraiser)

shadow box -$2

who could resist this - $1

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