Monday, June 15, 2009

c'mon aussie

all from ebay but beautiful just the same...

c'mon aussie

picture frame

c'mon aussie

actually I bought this one from a shop!

And my most favourite thing I've ever bought on ebay (pineapple teapot, sugar bowl and milk jug a tight second)

c'mon aussie

isn't she beautiful? She's just a thing. No fitting or anything. Here's a close up...

c'mon aussie

such detail. click on it to go to flickr and view it at large size.



Mel Robson said...

oooooh...we like these! Nice finds! I think i might have a little something to add to that collection of Australia's in my studio. A package containing various goodies coming to you soon Davernator (sorry its taken me so long!!)

pen said...

is there a tasmania bit to go with it?
it's beautiful
I want it!

annadee said...

no tasmania unfortunately. And it really is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

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