Monday, March 03, 2008

Wales Street Primary School fete, Northcote, Sat 1st March

What fun! I'd forgotten how much fun! There's a few more coming up. I saw a sign on St Georges Road for the Merri Creek primary fete (must go back to check out dates) and I know the Lee St primary fete is coming up on the 15th or 16th March. Anyway here are the scores...

stuff from Wales St fete

a beautiful and sturdy handbag, $2, a little jug and two wall hangings, 50c each - I liked one better than the other but I thought they might be cursed if they didn't stay together!

books from Wales St fete

a couple of great books, $4 each (a bit dear I think)

book from Wales St fete

one of my favourite interiors from the 'decorative arts' book. It's a home in Bavaria that has world map wall paper and...

book from Wales St fete

...this is a photo of the floor. It's made of 4,600 pieces of copper embedded in cement! which, according to the book, is "extremely functional, warmer than stone and cleans itself by being danced and walked upon"!

book from Wales St fete

more from this book

book from Wales St fete

and more

book from Wales St fete

and more! I'm sure I saw this same design on a contemporary textile somewhere in the blogosphere. It's funny how contemporary textiles and ceramics are successfully re-interpreting designs from this period yet jewellers aren't going there!

And this...

lino sampler from Wales St fete

lino sampler from Wales St fete

which would be of no use to anyone except Betty Jo



Betty Jo said...

So of course Betty Jo does manages to "score" them. Thank you very muchly!

archie said...

I just love going to sales and fetes. You get some great stuff and at a low price. The Decorative Arts book is wonderful. I also liked the wall hangings. I would love to buy some Decorative Arts at the fete.

Anonymous said...

I think you can still buy Marmoleum. It's made in Fife, Scotland, I think.

Kirkcaldy , actually.

I had most of my old house done with it.