Monday, March 03, 2008

East Kew Vinnies, Mon 3rd March

Anyone into owls?

owls and boxes from East Kew Vinnies

I wasn't, but I am now. A visit to the East Kew Vinnies on the way home from geebum yielded this fantastic collection to put in my shadow box which is freshly painted and awaiting shadows. There were so many owls at the Vinnies, they filled about 5 big boxes, there were lots of really kitsch slip cast ceramic ones, fabric ones, plastic ones, glass ones, magnets, mobiles, candles, etc. I picked out the little hand-made folky ones but if you're into owls there are plenty left. I think their original owner must have passed away and the relos just dumped the collection! This must have been a passion for years for this person and it's so sad that it ended up here to be broken up. I feel I've done a little bit towards keeping some of them together and I met another person there who collected a few for her 'craft group' which calls itself 'the brown owls'!

These are my three favourites

owls from East Kew Vinnies

owls from East Kew Vinnies

owls from East Kew Vinnies

I also got the two boxes in the top photo for $2. The owls were 50c each.

And last, but not least...

mail holder from East Kew Vinnies

a bamboo letter holder from Surfers Paradise for $2 - what more could you want?


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Ingrid said...

I think the past owner would have loved that someone has appreciated their passion. I like the idea of this ...